Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello, my name is Monika

I am a regular person, a tester by profession, currently working in a big international software company. I like my job, and I am passionate about it.

I want to start a blog for some time. But why? There are hundreds or rather thousands of testing blogs on the Internet. Why start a new one? What makes mine special, worth writing, and worth reading? It's simple ...

I care about my professional and personal growth. Joining as a junior tester 6 years ago, I have been steadily growing within my company, but I have reached point in my career as a tester where I realized that if I want to grow, I have to venture out in the testing world and explore on my own. And if I want to help my team to grow, I must start bringing my discoveries back to my team. I realized I cannot be a lone tester hoping to figure out all the testing wisdom on my own, but I need to seek for guidance and wisdom in the community. And to sustain my growth, I have to become part of the community, at at some point, also give back to the community.

Hereby, I set the following goals for myself:

Expand my knowledge by exploring the testing world
Become active member and promote myself within testing community
Share useful information with the testing community

I am hoping a blog will help me me achieve these goals, and maybe at some point will also become valuable for people like me.

So what have I done so far? Obviously I started a blog :). I also registered a Twitter account after my visit at Agile Testing Days 2013 (a year ago). I only started tweeting this month though! I never could get a good hang of social sites, so for me this is quite a challenge. You can reach me @monikaprotivova.

I wanted to say don't care if anyone reads my blog, but that would be an ugly lie. I do care a lot! I want it to become trusted and respected source of good information, one day.

So if you do stumble upon my blog, please give me feedback, I'd really appreciate it.


Drifting In Space: what's behing the name?

Drifting is a directional movement, which can be both controlled and uncontrolled. This thought relaxes me.

Because space is wast, open, and unexplored and I am sure it is full surprises, dangers and awesome discoveries. This thought excites me.

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